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TW-3306HU Roll to Roll UV Printer

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1、A variety of printing applications

Because the UV printing is instant ink dry, It expands the kinds of substrates which needn’t to be pretreated.It can print on more kinds of flexible materials.Due to reducing the manufacture steps, the non-processing materials are cheaper than the coating materials.And it save a number of the materials’cost for the customers.

 2、The more professional colors and full of texture printing method
As using the more professional UV inks,it has high saturation colors,and the wide range of color gamut.Better than the traditional solvent inks or water-based inks,UV curable inks can adhere to the surface of the substrates,and they can not be absorbed by the substrates.Therefore,it is more steady in the quality of the colors,as well as printing between the different substrates. 

3、The stronger durabing capacity
Because of the strong durable capacity of the UV curing inks,you needn’t use the laminating to protect the surface of the presswork.Not only solving the bottleneck problems of the production process(adhereing laminating needs good printing environment),but also reducing the materials’costs,the producing time,and the manufactures after printing. 

4、More environmental friendly
Since the UV curing inks will not have volatile completely after cured by the Ultra-violet,It reduces the relational envirenmental pollutions.

Application of advertising Signs

Vinyl、Tent、Banner signs、Outdoor flex banner
Vinyl、Tent、Banner signs、Outdoor flex banner

Decoration material application

Leather、Decorative painting、Rubber flooring、Films、Wall paper、Gold/silver foil printing
Leather、Decorative painting、Rubber flooring、Films、Wall paper、Gold/silver foil printing


Product Model
Seiko Instrument Group SPT Printhead From Japan
Number of Printhead
6 Heads
Printhead Model
Printhead Sequency
Print Speed
High-speed mode
Production mode
High quality mode 
Ink Type
UV Ink
Ink Color
6 Color(C,M,Y,K,LC,LM)
Ink Supply System
Low Ink Detector,Auto or Manual Ink Supply System
Maximum Media Width
Maximum Print Width
Media Type
Variety of Flexible Materials.
Auto Media Feeding & Take-up System
Equipped 120kg
Auto Cleaning System
Positive Cleaning,Anti-clogged Flash Function
UV Lamp
2ps, 2.5KW, long using life of 3000 hours
Print Interface
Printhead Height
2 to 8mm Above Media Adjustable
RIP Software
Maintop, PhotoPrint, UltraPrint
Input Power
AC220V 50HZ
Operation Environment
Temperature:20°C--28°C, Humidity: 40%--60%
Machine Dimension
L5,150mm×W1,560mm×H1,650mm   950kg
Package Dimension
L5,280mm×W1,000mm×H1,810mm 1050kg
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