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TW-1325GU Flatbed Printer

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  • Type:    TW-1325GU
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High resolution UV printing maximize production,march into superspeed era

High speed UV printing realize truly mass production.

Speed determines the production,profit is based on the production SPT Printhead superspeed printing machine is your top choice.

Industrial purposes flatbed printer. Capable of high-precision digital flatbed printing onto everything from the smallest panel, through roll material to oversize media, all with widely differing properties. With a high performing vacuum system that even has heat-sensitive substrates under control. And boasting first-class quality,  This is ICONTEK.

Wide range of industry applications
Decoration, household appliances, panels, wall decorations, furniture, ceilings, tiles, ceramics, gifts, 3C products, painting murals, wooden doors of the sliding door, wedding photography, logo signs, exhibition display, glass ...

Simple production process
A new generation of printing technology, to meet individual requirements. Direct output, no plate, to avoid duplication of overprint, complex colors,

Main Specifications

Machine Dimension
L3,770mm×W1,760mm×H1,300mm 900kg
Package Dimension
L3,950mm×W1,920mm×H1,550mm 1030kg
Print Media Width
1300mm x 2500mm
Printhead Height
20 to 60mm Above Media Adjustable
AC220V / 50Hz
Printer Power
Vacuum Power
UV Lamp Power
Operation Environment
Temperature: 20~28℃ Humidity: 40%~60%

Main Application

Ink Type
UV Ink
Acrylic, APC, Wood, Ceramic, Cystosepiment, Metal Board, Glass, Carbon etc.
Maximum Size
1500mm x 2500mm

Main Configuration

Seiko Instrument Group SPT Printhead From Japan
Printhead Model
Number of Printhead
6/7/8 heads
Ink Color
6 Color(C,M,Y,K,LC,LM) + W
Print speed
High-speed mode35㎡/hr
Standard mode27㎡/hr
High quality mode18㎡/hr
Ink Supply System
Low Ink Detector,Auto or Manual Ink Supply System
Auto Cleaning System
Positive Cleaning
Auto Media Feeding System
Equipped( Max.Media Weight 250kg)
2 Heads
Protection cover
Isolate ultraviolet ray and protect eyes
Steel three-way valve
Isolate ultraviolet ray, ink not stem
UV lamp control host
Professional integration of the UV lamp work control system
Ink subtank
Professional anti-corrosion ink subtank
Platform suction device
High-power suction system + mute silencer
Print Interface
Fibre-optical + USB2.0
RIP Software
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