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TW-1215GU Flatbed UV Printer

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ICONTEK TW-1215GU China manufacturer, TOSHIBA-CE4 printhead.

The innovative printing systerm creates a much more stable printing environment and significantly reduces pritning time.

Wide range of industry applications
Decoration, household appliances, panels, wall decorations, furniture, ceilings, tiles, ceramics, gifts, 3C products, painting murals, wooden doors of the sliding door, wedding photography, logo signs, exhibition display, glass ...

Simple production process
A new generation of printing technology, to meet individual requirements. Direct output, no plate, to avoid duplication of overprint, complex colors.

Product Features:

1. Installed industrial SPT-508GS printhead,combined both super speed and resolution.   
2. Adopted facile but endurable IT UV lamp made in England,ensure picture cured as soon as printed and hardly shed. 
3. World-class ICC color management solution performs photo class picture,  while density curve can be adjusted to different media, specialized in back-lit.

ICONTK UV fprinterlatbed


Product Model
Printhead Model
Number of Printhead
Maximum Print Width
1200mm x 1500mm
Print Speed
Draft speed
Draft speed
Quality speed
Print Speed
Acrylic, APC, Wood, Ceramic, Cystosepiment, Metal Board, Glass, Carbon etc.
Maximum Size
1300mm x 1650mm
Ink Type
UV Ink
4head(C M Y K)
5head( C M Y K W)
6head( C M Y K  2W)
Ink Supply System
Low Ink Detector,Auto or Manual Ink Supply System
Auto Cleaning System
Positive Cleaning Anti-clogged Flash Function
UV Lamp
2ps, 2.5KW, using life 3000 hours
Protection cover
Isolated ultraviolet ray and protect eyes
Steel three-way valve
Isolated ultraviolet ray, ink not stem
Print Interface
USB 2.0
RIP Software
PhotoPrint, Maintop, PhotoPrint, UltraPrint
Voltage and Power
AC220V 3600W
Operation Environment
Temperature:20-28°C Humidity:40%-60%
Machine Dimension
L2,570mm X W2,010mm X H1,380mm 550kg
Package Dimension
L2,790mm X W2,3100mm X H1,550mm 600kg

TOSHIBA-CE4 Printhead Specification

一、Supper Excellent Drops Position Accuracy  
Accurate drops position can achieve extraordinary piezoelectric process and injecting control technology 
1)Single pass application
Achieve higher printing speed From extensive array printing to extensive vast printing by installing multiple heads

2)For a scan application program
The increasing of throughput can reduce scan times By increasing multiple printheads of each color, enhance printing speed obviously

二、Compatible UV Curing And Oil Base Pigment Ink 
1)Oil base pigment ink is fast dried, suitable for applying to required absorbent material 
2)UV curing ink is suitable for applying to non-absorbent material, and it’s suitable for all kinds of industry application

三、Steady Injecting Water Circulation Temperature Control System 
And 636 Channel

1)CE4 printhead are equipped water channel and chassis of water interface. Circulation heating water create even temperature for 
printhead, to make steadier inject capability.

四、Ink Volume Range 
1)Extraordinary technology that Multiple inject to one point create extensive half-tone and each drop range from at least 5PL to at largest 90pl.
2)Compare to common binary printhead, it’s more suitable for all kinds of industry printing which describing smooth density level to dark.

五、Higher Driving Frequency
( especially in micro drops)

Regards 1: Data transfer mode is 15KHZ or others.
Regards 2: Driving frequency 1-6 drop in CA3 is reference.
Regards 3: The above data is base on Toshiba internal testing 
result. Optimizing driving frequency can be different depend on 
different ink.

Multiple drops half-tone micro piezo
Half-tone grade
Number of Nozzles
Printing Width
Nozzle Pitch
Original Resolution Ratio
150 dpi
Printhead Weight
Drop Volume
5~90 PL
2.8~28 KHz
Suitable Ink

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