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UV-11 Ink

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  • Brand:    ICONTEK
  • Type:    UV
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Icontek (UV curable ink ) Japan Seiko heads special UV curable ink, all adopts imported pigment and supplement, for Japanese Seiko corporation heads design, the ink can restore wider color, with strong adhesion,instant curing, without volatile,and not easily fade, firm hardness, resistance to solvents.

1、Instant Curing
UV curable ink can instant curing shortly by UV lamp after printing, increase the product efficiency.

2、Environmental Friendly
Without solvent,cause no pollution while curing,can improve operation environment,keep away from air pollution.reduce the cost for environmental protection equipment for solvent.

3、Photopolymerization Drying Schedule
UV curable ink or UV gloss oil, can not solidify without violet, from this point, it si easy to store. And light polymerization and evaporation drying are not the same, is a chemically cured, film hardness than other ink film hardness.

4、High Quality
The media after printing by this UV curable ink, with excellent frictional resistance, solvent resistance and heat resistance, high quality in product grade.

5、Save Resources

UV curing with less power, can save resources and cost.

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