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    Here is our UV materials application center where you can see, the effect of UV glass, tile, wood, PVC boards, rubber flooring, a variety of materials with UV printing, and those currently used in home appliances panel print, home decoration materials, personalized gifts, print, UV material is more extensive, and various properties of the materials are completely different, so we consider it necessary to set up a specialized department to study the UV printed on different materials, methods to achieve the most perfect effect, to know that advertising Inkjet Printer Comparison of specific materials, so do not need to do this work, we believe that in the future, if you want better sales on the UV machine, professional services team, please remember that to live. In the future, if you have only a single UV machine, you can not do anything! ! !

Wide range of industry applications
Decoration, household appliances, panels, wall decorations, furniture, ceilings, tiles, ceramics, gifts, 3C products, painting murals, wooden doors of the sliding door, wedding photography, logo signs, exhibition display, glass ...

Simple production process
A new generation of printing technology, to meet individual requirements. Direct output, no plate, to avoid duplication of overprint, complex colors,

Let’s approach UV colorful world, enjoying dreamlike colorful vision feast, appreciating new break-through texture!

UV material application demonstrations